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The home of your favorite items

Welcome to our bespoke workshop, dedicated to crafting exquisite products tailored for weddings and other special occasions. Each of our offerings is meticulously customized and meticulously designed to suit your unique preferences. Discover an extensive array of exclusive items, including acrylic wedding invitations, charming favor boxes, elegant vellum wraps, and a host of other delightful products, such as thank you or welcome bags and captivating welcome signs. Our team of skilled specialists, comprising designers, printers, and manufacturing experts, ensures every product is crafted with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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Our professionalism and experience

Based in the heart of Europe, our global delivery services span across continents. With an established online presence on, we take pride in a track record of over 4500 sales, maintaining a stellar 5-star rating, and garnering a plethora of positive reviews. You can visit our Etsy shop here. We created this site to be able to offer an even better price, while maintaining the quality of service. For us, it doesn't matter where you place your order, but the best price will always be here.

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What you can find in our store

Explore our extensive range of personalized acrylic and paper invitations, along with an array of cardboard favor boxes, welcoming or Thank Yuo bags, and captivating welcome signs, among other exciting products. Our entire collection is fully customizable, designed to accommodate your unique preferences. We prioritize flexibility and aim to cater to your specific requirements. Feel free to share your specific needs with us, and we will ensure a tailored solution that meets your expectations.


Acrylic invitations

In our store you can find a wide variety of acrylic invitations: in minimalist style, with different floral prints, with your photo or printed with metallic foil. If you didn't find the ones you were looking for - send us an example and the design colleagues will analyze if they can make the ones you want.


Favour boxes

We produce a wide variety of cardboard boxes for wedding favors or other events, personalized with your name, with sizes that can be customized, in different cardboard colors or printing.


Welcome bags

Elevate your wedding celebration with our personalized wedding bags. Crafted with care and adorned with love, these bags are the perfect way to express gratitude to your guests. Add a personal touch to your special day and create lasting memories with these uniquely tailored keepsakes.

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